Student Activities

Annual GESO & DFI Picnic

The annual GESO & DFI picnic is held each fall at Hessel Park in Champaign – a wonderful way to kick off the academic year and celebrate the nice autumn weather with good food, friends, and family!

GeoWall Building Competitions

UIUC students competed in the GeoWall Building Competition at the 2020 GeoCongress in Minneapolis. Each team designed and built a model mechanically stabilized Earth (MSE) retaining wall using paper reinforcement taped to a posterboard wall facing. The design strove to need the least amount of reinforcement to support the retained soil and design loads.

UIUC students also participated the 2019 GeoWall Challenge during the GeoCongress Conference in Philadelphia.

Engineering Open House

Engineering Open House took place at UIUC on March 8-9, 2019.  This year the Geotechnical Engineering Student Organization (GESO) won an award in the category “Encore Technical”.  This category refers to exhibitions that have been repeated for several years, but this year the presentation was expanded and offered more value to the visitors.

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