Tugce Baser

Dr. Baser’s research interests include unsaturated soil mechanics, energy geotechnics, trenchless technologies, and sustainable geo-energy applications. Over the past five years, Dr. Baser has been awarded honors by international institutions and invited as a keynote speaker. She received her PhD degree in Geotechnical Engineering from University of California San Diego in 2017. Dr. Baser is a member of ASCE G-I, ISSMGE, and CGS where she is actively engaged with the student, professional, and diversity development.


Youssef Hashash

William J. and Elaine F. Hall Endowed Professor
John Burkitt Webb Endowed Faculty Scholar

Dr. Hashash’s research interests include deep excavations, tunneling, discrete element modeling, soil constitutive behavior, earthquake engineering, numerical modeling, and soil-structure interaction. He is also involved in the use of visualization and virtual reality techniques in geotechnical engineering applications.


Roman Makhnenko

Prof. Makhnenko’s research area is experimental geomechanics and development of novel methods in laboratory characterization of fluid-saturated geomaterials with applications to deep carbon dioxide (CO2) and nuclear waste storage, geothermal energy exploration, gas shales, and hydraulic fracturing.



Reza Mesri

Ralph B. Peck Professor

Dr. Mesri’s current fields of active research include engineering properties, construction problems, and ground modification technology in soft clays and silts, stiff clays and soft rocks, as well as granular materials.



Scott Olson

Dr. Olson’s research interests include: geohazard identification and assessment, liquefaction engineering and mitigation, laboratory testing, paleoseismology and paleoliquefaction, ground response analysis, static and seismic slope stability, insitu testing, instrumentation, behavior of tailings materials, soil/structure interaction of bridge foundations.



Timothy Stark

Dr. Stark focuses on applied interdisciplinary research that addresses current problems in geotechnical engineering. Dr. Stark’s research interests include behavior of railroad track systems and transitions, static and seismic stability of natural and manmade slopes, soil liquefaction during earthquakes, design of waste containment facilities and sustainable aluminum recycling, geosynthetics, performance of compacted structural fills, and stabilization and behavior of dredged material containment areas.



Dr. Joe Tom’s research focuses on problems at the intersection of geotechnical engineering, fluid mechanics, and sediment transport to address important engineering challenges for society, including offshore energy and coastal resilience.