Courses Commonly Taken by Undergraduates
Geol 107: Physical geology Fall, Spring
CEE 380: Geotechnical engineering Fall, Spring
CEE 480: Foundation engineering Spring
Courses Taken by Undergraduates and Graduates
CEE 483: Soil mechanics and behavior Fall, Spring
CEE 484: Applied soil mechanics Spring
CEE 498GE: Geoenergy Systems Fall
Graduate Courses in Geotechnical Engineering
CEE 580: Excavation and support systems Spring (even years)
CEE 581: Earth dams Fall
CEE 582: Consolidation of clays Fall (even years)
CEE 583: Shear strength of soils Spring (odd years)
CEE 585: Deep foundations Spring
CEE586: Rock mechanics and behavior Fall
CEE 588: Geotechnical earthquake engineering Spring (odd years)
CEE 589: Computational geomechanics Spring (even years)
CEE 590: Geotechnical field measurement Fall (odd years)
CEE 593: Tunneling in soil and rock Spring (odd years)
Some of the Graduate Courses in CEE commonly taken by M.S. Students in Geotechnical Engineering
CEE 452: Hydraulic analysis and design Spring
CEE 457: Groundwater Fall
CEE 463: Reinforced concrete II Fall (even years)
CEE 468: Prestressed concrete Fall (odd years)
CEE 471: Structural mechanics Fall
CEE 472: Structural dynamics I Fall
CEE 491: Decision and risk analysis Spring
CEE 561: Reinforced concrete III Spring (odd years)
CEE 570: Finite element methods Spring
Some of the Geology courses commonly taken by M.S. Students in Geotechnical Engineering
Geol 118: Natural disasters Fall, Spring, Summer
Geol 333: Earth materials and the environment Spring
Geol 401: Geomorphology Fall
Geol 411: Structural geology and tectonics Fall
Geol 415: Field geology Spring
Geol 417: Geologic field methods, Western US Summer
Geol 440: Sedimentology and Stratigraphy Spring
Geol 470: Introduction to hydrogeology Spring


  1. 1 unit = 4 hours; Minimum of 36 hours (9 units) are required for M.S. degree (non-thesis option)
  2. See Pg. 47 of the CEE Undergraduate Handbook for CEE Undergraduate level courses.
  3. See the CEE Graduate Handbook for CEE Graduate level courses.
  4. The course catalogue for all classes across all departments at UofI from 2004 onwards can be found here.