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Geotechnical Engineering Courses Offered in Spring 2022

The Geotech Group is offering the following courses for the Spring 2022 semester. Registration opens as soon as October 18! See the Spring 2022 Course Schedule for more information.

CEE 380: Geotechnical Engineering

Instructors: Prof. Roman Makhnenko; Prof. Tugce Baser

Credit: 3 hours

This class introduces the basic concepts of geotechnical engineering, such as soil classification, effective stress, permeability, consolidation, and soil strength. The class project asks students to study a real-world project and learn how these concepts are applied.

CEE 483: Soil Mechanics and Behavior

Instructor: Prof. Reza Mesri

Credit: 4 hours

This class deals with the fundamentals, and equips students with the knowledge to answer two key questions for every geotechnical engineering project: what is down there? And, how much can it support? This course goes into detail on soil structure, properties, and strength, as well as experimental measurements. The lab component allows you to see how soil properties affect the behavior of the soil.

CEE 484: Applied Soil Mechanics

Instructor: Prof. Timothy Stark

Credit: 3 or 4 hours

This course deals with the practical aspects of geotechnical engineering. Students apply concepts learned in CEE 380 and CEE 483 to analyze retaining walls, slopes, foundations, and excavations while considering the construction process.

CEE 498 OS: Offshore Structures and Foundations

Instructor: Prof. Joe Tom

Credit: 3 or 4 hours

Offshore wind, wave, and tidal energy are rapidly developing sources of clean, renewable energy worldwide. This course serves as an introduction to offshore engineering, with emphasis on understanding loading on structures and the design of seabed infrastructure. We will survey a range of topics from an offshore perspective, including wave statistics, hydrodynamic loading, seabed scour, and geotechnical foundation, pipeline and cable design aspects.

CEE 580: Excavation and Support Systems

Instructor: Prof. Scott Olson

Credit: 4 hours

This class deals with classical and modern earth pressure theories and their experimental justification; pressures and bases for design of retaining walls, bracing of open cuts, anchored bulkheads, cofferdams, tunnels, and culverts.

CEE 593: Tunneling in Soil and Rock

Instructor: Prof. Youssef Hashash

Credit: 4 hours

This course will cover the history of the development of tunneling design and methods, the relationship of geology on anticipated ground response to tunneling, the study of tunneling methods unique to tunnels in soil, tunnels in rock, caverns in soils and caverns in rock, and analysis approaches for tunnels in soils and rock. This course also deals with Geotechnical Baselines report and other risk allocation tools for tunnel construction as well as case histories of tunneling projects.

CEE 595F: Geotechnical Engineering Seminars

Seminar Coordinator: Prof. Joe Tom

All geotech graduate students are required to enroll in CEE 595 Seminar, Section F, which meets every other Friday at 11:00 am. Discussion of current topics in civil and environmental engineering and related fields by staff, students, and visiting lecturers.

Courses of Interest to Geotechnical Engineering Education

Courses Commonly Taken by Undergraduates

GEOL 107 Physical Geology Fall, Spring
CEE 380 Geotechnical EngineeringFall, Spring
CEE 480 Foundation EngineeringSpring

Courses Commonly Taken by Undergraduates and Graduates

CEE 483 Soil Mechanics and BehaviorFall, Spring
CEE 484 Applied Soil MechanicsSpring
CEE 498GE Geoenergy Systems Fall
CEE 498OS Design of Offshore Structures and FoundationsSpring

Graduate Courses in Geotechnical Engineering

CEE 580 Excavation and Support SystemsFall, even years
CEE 581 Dams, Embankments and SlopesFall, odd years
CEE 582 Consolidation of ClaysFall, even years
CEE 583 Shear Strength of SoilsSpring, odd years
CEE 584 Geotechnical Case Histories
CEE 585 Deep FoundationsSpring, odd years
CEE 586 Rock Mechanics and BehaviorFall, even years
CEE 587 Applied Rock MechanicsSpring, odd years
CEE 588 Geotechnical Earthquake EngineeringFall, odd years
CEE 589 Computational Geomechanics Spring, even years
CEE 590 Geotechnical Field MeasurementsFall, odd years
CEE 593 Tunneling in Soil and Rock Spring, even years

Allied CEE Courses

CEE 452 Hydraulic Analysis and DesignSpring
CEE 457 Groundwater
(OR GEOL 470 Introduction to Hydrogeology)
CEE 463 Reinforced Concrete IIFall
CEE 468 Prestressed ConcreteSpring
CEE 470 Structural AnalysisFall, Spring
CEE 471 Structural MechanicsFall
CEE 472 Structural Dynamics IFall
CEE 491 Decision and Risk AnalysisFall
CEE 498CH Case Histories in Infrastructure EngineeringSummer
CEE 509 Transportation Soilsoccasionally
CEE 559 Sediment TransportFall, even years
CEE 570 Finite Element MethodsSpring
CEE 572 Earthquake EngineeringSpring

Allied Courses Outside of CEE

ABE 454 Environmental Soil PhysicsSpring, even years
ARCH 433 Design of Steel and Reinforced Concrete StructuresFall
ARCH 435 Structural Systems and Construction MethodsSpring
ARCH 451 Theory & Design of Steel & Timber
BADM 446 Entrepreneurship: New Venture CreationFall, Spring
BIOE 416 BiosensorsSpring
BIOE 485 Computational Mathematics for Machine Learning and ImagingFall, new
CS 412 Introduction to Data MiningFall, Spring
CS 416 Data VisualizationSummer, new
CS 417 Virtual Reality
CS 440 Artificial IntelligenceFall, Spring
CS 441 Applied Machine LearningFall, new
CSE 401 Numerical AnalysisFall, Spring
ECE 437 Sensors and InstrumentationFall, Spring
ECE 485 MEMS Devices & Systems
GEOG 407 Foundations of cyberGIS & Geospatial Data ScienceFall, Spring
GEOL 401 Geomorphology
(OR GEOL 440 Sedimentology and Stratigraphy)
Fall, odd years
GEOL 411 Structural Geology and Tectonics
(OR GEOL 415 Field Geology
OR GEOL 417 Geologic Field Methods, Western US)
GEOL 415 Field Geology
(OR GEOL 411 Structural Geology and Tectonics
OR GEOL 417 Geologic Field Methods, Western US)
Fall, Spring
GEOL 417 Geologic Field Methods, Western US
(OR GEOL 411 Structural Geology and Tectonics
OR GEOL 415 Field Geology)
GEOL 440 Sedimentology and Stratigraphy
(OR GEOL 401 Geomorphology)
GEOL 451 Environment and Exploration Geophysics
GEOL 452 Introduction to GeophysicsFall, odd years
GEOL 454 Introduction to Seismology
GEOL 470 Introduction to Hydrogeology
(OR CEE 457 Groundwater)
ME 471 Finite Element AnalysisFall, Spring, Summer
NRES 426 Renewable Energy Policy
NRES 477 Introduction to Remote SensingFall, Spring; odd years
TAM 445 Continuum MechanicsSpring
TAM 451 Intermediate Solid MechanicsFall
TAM 470 Computational MechanicsFall


  1. 1 unit = 4 hours; Minimum of 36 hours (9 units) are required for M.S. degree (non-thesis option)
  2. See Pg. 47 of the CEE Undergraduate Handbook for CEE Undergraduate level courses.
  3. See the CEE Graduate Handbook for CEE Graduate level courses.
  4. The University’s Course Explorer is a catalogue for all classes across all departments at the University from 2004 onwards.

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